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Mar 07, 2018

We Start Learning From Day 1

What I’ve learned about learning (lol) is that it can be done in many different ways.  When we are babies and toddlers we start learning by watching and listening to our parents or siblings.  As we get older we learn to read and then how to ask questions that allow us to learn from others.  

We start by learning at home, then at school.  After we get out of a school environment our learning can become less of priority but if we want to keep improving ourselves and lead others, we have to continue to learn.  

How We Can Learn

Reading books and doing exercises is usually the first thing we think of, now we can add technology into the mix.  We can learn from watching videos on YouTube or a TED Talk.  We can take an online course or listen to a podcast.  Information is boundless and is literally at our fingertips.

Create Time To Learn

We all have busy schedules but adding a little bit of learning into our day is something we can all do.  It might be waking up a few minutes earlier to enjoy your cup of coffee and read a bit of a book.  As you’re getting ready, you could watch a TED Talk.

If you find yourself in the car a lot, this can be a great time to learn.  I love listening to podcasts.  You can search different people or subject matters to find something you like.  Audio books can also be great in the car.

You could register for a class that you know you have to attend on a specific day or if you sign up to do an online course, book an appointment with yourself to work on it.  You could do this over your lunch hour or maybe swap an hour of TV at night for an hour of learning.

Learning allows us to expand our experience in the world.  We can’t experience everything (and we probably wouldn’t want to) but we can learn from other people’s experiences.  The knowledge that we gain can be used in our lives in many ways.  It can help us to empathize with others or help us to teach and lead others.  Learning is the backbone of life experience and I believe that if we stop learning, we stop living.

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