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Do you ever feel overwhelmed but don't know where to start?  Do you ever feel guilty because you don't think you're getting it all done?  You want to do the things that are important but it doesn't seem like you can give anything the attention it deserves.  

I get it!  I'm a busy woman trying to get it all done just like you.  It's tough to manage a jam-packed schedule of meetings, appointments, pick ups and drop offs.  Somewhere in there, you would also like to spend quality time with your partner, kids and friends and build deep, meaningful relationships with them.  You work hard and you want to enjoy the life you've created.

This course can help you do that.  We will start by clearing out the clutter (both physical and mental). With a clean slate, we can focus on what matters most to you.  You already know how society defines success but I want to help you define what success is for you!  Goals, numbers and dates are just one way to measure success, we are going to dig deeper so you can figure out what a successful life is for you.

Once we have a framework for what you really want out of life, we are going to make a plan.  Not just a theory but a real and repeatable plan.  I'm going to show you how to plan your week and a schedule for stepping back to review everything so you can make sure you are still on the right track.

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By purchasing this product the Client understands that Michelle Carre is not a medical doctor, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist and that her advice should not be taken as professional medical advice.  The Client understands that advice from Michelle Carre is merely a suggestion and action taken is of the Client’s own free will.


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