To Dos vs. Priorities

business planning Sep 19, 2018

We’ve All Got One

We all have a To Do List!  There is something to be done every day, whether it’s business or personal.  Some things are small, quick tasks, while others may take longer and some stuff we do every (or most) day(s).  Even when you check it all off, in that moment of quiet satisfaction, something new pops up.

A To Do List is inevitable and the fantasy of having it checked off and done for longer than 2 minutes is lovely but likely not realistic.  It’s like a Ferris wheel, things get done, like people get off and new things come up, just like new people get one.  Hopefully, you don’t go around too many time before getting off!   

To Do’s Aren’t Alway Priorities

A To Do List will always be there, so how do you make sure that you don’t get stuck on that ferris wheel and are actually making progress in your life?  You have to separate your To Do’s from your priorities.

A priority in...

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How To Relieve Social Media Pressure

business you Sep 12, 2018

We’ve all been there, someone posts a fabulous picture of their seemingly fabulous life and you think “I need to get it together”.  Or, your competitor is posting about success in their business and you wonder why you aren’t having the same success.  The pressure from not “living up” to the standards that appear on social media starts to build and it can become very heavy.

In fact, people can find social media so pressure-filled and exhausting that they long for pre-Facebook days or ditch it all together.  And while that does sometimes seem like a lovely idea, it may not be realistic.  On a personal level, social media is a great way to connect with people you may not have a chance to see very often. And for business, it's a great way to share your message and your product.

Grain of salt or a whole cup full!

Obviously, we post the good stuff.  No one posts when they lose a Client or don’t get a contract.  I...

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Let’s Start Fresh

goals Sep 05, 2018

It’s September!

And that means a new chapter.  The fall is really a transitional time.  Kids start school, the fourth quarter is just around the corner for businesses, the leaves will start to change colour and of course, there is pumpkin spiced everything!  

This is a great time to reflect on where you are and what you want moving forward.  How do you want this school year to look?  How do you want to finish out this calendar year?  Do you need to shed anything?

Take A Moment

Things are about to get cray cray!  I know for me, the kids' activities are about to start up, our family will be back into schedule mode juggling pick ups, Client appointments and meetings.  I’m sure as you move from the lazy days of summer into the fall you will feel an adjustment too.

BUT before you find yourself sucked into the day to day, take a moment to think about what you want to focus on.  What’s important to you right now?  Think...

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Breaks Won’t Break Your Business

fun planning Jun 27, 2018

Summer vacation starts today!!  School’sssss out for summa!  I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or the kids?  Either way, I’ve made the decision to take a bit of a break.  Of course, I’m still working but I’m not starting any new projects and instead of sharing a new blog every week I’m going to be sharing some old favourites from the last 18 months.  

At first, I felt conflicted about this.  I wondered if it was a good idea, I felt like I should put out new content every week but then I realized that taking a break is something I’m always talking about with you, so if I’m going to tell you to do it, I better do it too!  I started to think about taking breaks in business and I realized that a break can be the best thing for your business.

Be so good that they will wait for you

Game of Thrones is a huge show.  When it first started I wasn’t sure… dragons?!  I’m not...

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Own Your Time

planning Jun 20, 2018

Being fabulous and crushing your goals takes time and commitment, we all know that.  But sometimes we breeze over that “time” concept.  We know we have to do the work and we have every intention of doing it but somehow time seems to get away on us.  

We get bogged down by emails, spending time in meetings or get sucked into things that seem urgent but aren’t really important.  Before you know it, you are looking at your day, the week or even the month wondering where it went.  You feel like you’ve barely made any progress toward your goals, or worse you feel stuck.  Taking control of your time is where you start to turn things around.

Set Boundaries

We need to set boundaries when it comes to our time.  If we don’t, then things get added into our schedules, we find ourselves saying “yes” to things that we really don’t want to do and we feel too tired and overwhelmed to do the work that really matters....

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Lowered Expectations...Really?

perspective Jun 13, 2018

I remember the skit on Saturday Night Live, to be honest, I remember the sing-song intro to it a lot more than any of the actual skits.  The tune stuck with me (just like the Juicy Fruit one) and I think of it every now and then.

I’m usually reminded of it when my husband, Matt suggests that life would be so much better if people just lowered their expectations (specifically me).  Wait - what?!?!  Sorry buddy, but I’m here to live a kick-ass life and for that, I shall raise expectations.

Right?  Wrong!

You see the problem with expectations is that they revolve around the future, which you can’t control.  So… maybe… Matt is on to something here.  For a goal setting, listing making, gettin’ shit done kinda gal like me, this concept seems very counterintuitive.  How does one lower their expectations and still achieve great things? 

Lowering expectations doesn’t mean lowering your standards.  A...

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Follow Your Nose & Don’t Worry About The Birds

business goals you Jun 06, 2018

Since the weather has been nice, Sue Ellen (our Puggle) and I have decided to get out for a few more walks.  As a Puggle, she is half Pug and half Beagle and believe me when I tell you that she has the Beagle nose.

A great deal of time during our walks is spent sniffing, which of course becomes annoying but hey, I guess it’s her walk too.  As I was watching her I realized that despite the fact that there were birds chirping in the trees and others hopping along on the ground, she didn’t care.  Instead, that Beagle nose was persistent and laser-focused in following all of those delicious sniffs.

Are You Distracted By The Birds?

Sue Ellen knows what matters to her and doesn’t bother with whatever else is going on.  She isn’t distracted by a bird flying from branch to branch.  If it’s not in her path, she doesn’t see it.  I imagine this is an easier task for a dog that eats the same kibble every meal, however, I still...

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The Problem With Enoughism

perspective you May 30, 2018

The first problem is that it’s a made-up word but go with me on this.  Do you ever say things like “Ok, that’s enough for today” or “I’ve done enough” and close your computer or leave the office?  That’s not unusual, right?  But what about this, do you ever hear your kids fighting and tell them “That’s enough!” or if your Partner is pissing you off you tell them “I’ve had enough!”?

We use that word in many different sentences but to me, the word “enough” has more of a negative connotation.  It feels like I am either referring to the bare minimum, picture meeting eating a piece of broccoli and proclaiming “That’s enough vegetables for today!”.  Or, I’ve hit the maximum, now picture me downing half a dozen cupcakes “ok, I’ve had enough”. 

Are You Enough?

If we kept to using “enough” to describe the bare...

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What You Mean to Others

family love you May 23, 2018

Goodbye Grandpa

This past weekend my Grandpa Jack passed away.  As an ageing man battling illness, it wasn’t a shock but the news was still unexpected.  These days when someone dies we don’t have to wait a week to read it in the paper, instead, we can share it almost immediately on Social Media.

Sure, social media has it’s positive and negative attributes but I think in this case it’s a positive thing.  I believe it serves two purposes when someone passes away.  One, it’s a quick way to share the news with the many people in our lives and people whom the person knew.  Two, it’s an opportunity to see what that person meant to so many people.

Comments Can Be Mini Eulogies

As I scrolled through the various comments on both my Dad and Uncle Ian’s post it was very clear that my Grandpa played a great many roles in his lifetime.  For many, he was a storyteller.  You may describe it as “journalist” or...

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Connecting Physical & Mental Health

health & wellness May 16, 2018

Health & Wellness

Two words that are full of definitions.  Typically when we talk about health and wellness the first thing that comes to mind is salads and sweating.  We think our health is all about eating nutritious food and getting to the gym.  And if we do those things, that will lead to “wellness”.  

It’s not a bad start but there is so much more to it than that.  Conversations about diets and what we should or shouldn’t eat tend to dominate the narrative.  There is always a new gym opening or a new strategy for working out.  It’s great to try new things and have different approaches but it’s not just the food and how much boob sweat you accumulate.  We need to broaden the conversation.

Mental Health

Our mental health is just a critical as our physical health and it is very much connected to our physical health.  I personally believe that I gain just as much physically and I do mentally when...

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