Bye For Now

business Nov 21, 2018

This is going to be my last post - at least for a while. I’ve been writing a weekly blog post for 4 years now and I’ve enjoyed it.  Although I won’t count it word for word, I estimate that it’s around 71,000 words and roughly 150 posts. Pretty cool when you add it up like that!

So why have I decided to stop?  At this time of year, I really take time to reflect on the past year and start to think about what I want the next year to look like.  Of course, I take a pause a few times a year but this is also year end for our real estate business and business planning season for us so it’s a deeper dive. 

I’ve looked at what’s on my plate and thought about how I’ve been feeling.  I’m getting in that  “overwhelmed” spot again. The great news is that I see it a lot sooner now and even know how to take a breath but I don’t want to keep gaging it and stepping back, I want to find the sweet...

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Networking Isn't About You!

business Nov 14, 2018

I know, shocking right?!  Everything we’ve been taught about networking is about how YOU should talk about YOU.  We’re told to have an elevator pitch and how to make it intriguing to the person you tell it to.  We are instructed to have a good handshake and carry cards (I still suck at this).  

This approach is flawed for two reasons.  One, some people aren’t comfortable talking about themselves and therefore totally dislike networking events and avoid them.  The other problem is that people don’t really want to be pitched to like that.

Be Curious

Instead of trying to sell people on YOU, be curious about them.  Walk into the networking event with the mantra “be curious”.  Of course, you can start with the standard “what do you do?” question but get curious from there.  If you don’t know anything about their industry or what they do, ask them more about it.  You can also ask them...

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The Sweetness of Uniqueness

you Nov 07, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I posted a quote that read “Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”.  My friend, Nikki commented that I should expand on that in one of my episodes.  The reason I selected that quote was that it encourages your uniqueness.  “A beautiful cupcake” is a very subjective thing.  Some like a lot of icing, while others don’t.  You may appreciate a fondant decoration while others might pick it off.  And of course, there is the icing debate: buttercream vs. cream cheese!  I personally fall on the cream cheese side of this one, in case you’re thinking of making me a batch!

How you like your cupcake is very personal and so is what makes you unique.  

The only difference between a cupcake and a muffin is the icing.

Our uniqueness is our icing.  It may be the style in which it’s piped on.  It may be a classic icing with a gorgeous decoration on the top or maybe it’s...

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Working With Your Spouse - A Trick Or A Treat?

business love Oct 31, 2018

A couple of weeks ago when I asked what you guys what to hear about, my friends Suzy & Trevor wrote “What it’s like to work with your spouse.  How do you solve disagreements and how do you find the joy?”.  I loved this!  Considering that it’s Halloween today the trick or treat theme is perfect for this topic.

So some quick background for you… I’m a full-time REALTOR® and so is my husband.  Side note - this whole work/life balance topic, the online program, the talk - it all came from me trying to figure it out for myself.  Matt (my husband) and I both started in real estate in 2006 and we met within a week of starting.  We have literally only known a life of working together.  Even when I stepped away from selling for a couple of years, we were still working together on the business.

What I know after 12 ½ years of working together is that it’s both a trick and a treat!

The Trick!


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Authentic Purpose

you Oct 24, 2018

These are two big topics all on their own so why did I combine them?  When I asked what you guys wanted to hear about, Sarah wrote “finding your purpose, it’s not always what everyone thinks it is” and Shauna wrote, “authenticity - staying true to yourself because sometimes it’s easier to compromise for the comfort of others”.

So while purpose and authenticity are equally big topics, I want to focus on the sweet spot of being authentic to your purpose.

Finding Your Purpose - Pack A Lunch!

The weight of those words “find your purpose” are heavy.  It feels like if we don’t find that “thing”, we are wasting our time on earth.  The pressure to find it and do something with it can be suffocating.  So let’s start be relieving some of that pressure right now.

First things first, your purpose does not have to be what you get a paycheque for.  Every book, blog, video, interview - whatever,...

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News Flash - Self Care Isn’t Selfish!

you Oct 17, 2018

Self Love 

The terms “self love” and “self care” have become popular in recent years and for good reason, but what does it mean?  To me, self care/love is about taking time to care for yourself.  I believe this is an overlooked practice that is crucial for living your best life and being your best self.


The problem I find is that the conversation always seems to lead back to bubble baths and you know what, I hate baths!  It’s true!  I get bored, the water gets cold, I’m afraid of dropping things into the water and I hate wrinkly skin. 

Not to mention… the guilt factor!  How could I possibly take time for me when there is so much to do?

How To Skip The Guilt

Think of yourself like a cell phone, when you are giving your time and energy to other things it’s like having an app open.  When you use your phone all day long and have a bunch of apps open, what happens?  Your battery...

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Goals Are Shit If You Don’t Have A System

goals Oct 10, 2018

I love a good goal, I love it when people define what success is for them and work toward that but having the vision or a goal written down isn’t enough.  It takes work and requires a system.

James Clear is the author of Atomic Habits and in a recent interview on Lewis Howes’ podcast he said: “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”  He went on to say that winners and losers generally have the same goal.  No one in the starting blocks at the Olympics wants to come in last.  They all want the gold medal, the goal is the same.  If there are 2 companies bidding for a job, they both want it.  Neither of them hopes they won’t get it. 

So if the goal is the same why do some fail?  As James Clear said, “we fall to the level of our systems”.

Systems Make The Difference

You can’t pray yourself to a gold medal or just visualize the new Client, you have to do the...

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2 Decisions & 1 Cold

business goals planning Oct 03, 2018

This week I relaunched my online course, Create The Life You Envision.  As I prepared for the relaunch I made two decisions that shifted my approach.  The first decision was to re-do all of the video tutorials.

Now I had great videos before.  They were professionally filmed and edited and they were great.  BUT - they weren’t enough.  I have decided not to run my in-person workshops at this time and instead I’m just going to offer the online course.

Because I’m only offering the online course, I wanted the videos to be more in depth.  I really wanted to dig into things like we would in the workshop.  Although we aren’t face to face, I wanted it to feel like we were.  For example, when we do the Statements of Intent module, I didn’t want to just brush over the general idea.  I wanted to give you real examples and ask you questions to get you thinking about how you define success.

All Access

In the past,...

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FOMO Leads To MO

goals perspective Sep 26, 2018

Before we get into this let’s review our acronyms. FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. MO is Missing Out. FOMO is basically when you’re afraid to commit to something for fear of missing out on something else (usually something that could be better). 

This could happen with business opportunities, in personal relationships or even watching TV… 

What FOMO Actually Does

The problem with FOMO is that while you are busy worrying about what you are missing or what might have been, you’re actually missing even more… You’re missing this damn moment!  When you’re thinking about what could have been or how something else might be, you’re not present where you are and now you’re missing that too!

Let’s go real simple here for an example. Let’s say you’re flipping through the channel guide and you see a show you’re into but instead of committing to it you keep scrolling “just to see what else is...

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To Dos vs. Priorities

business planning Sep 19, 2018

We’ve All Got One

We all have a To Do List!  There is something to be done every day, whether it’s business or personal.  Some things are small, quick tasks, while others may take longer and some stuff we do every (or most) day(s).  Even when you check it all off, in that moment of quiet satisfaction, something new pops up.

A To Do List is inevitable and the fantasy of having it checked off and done for longer than 2 minutes is lovely but likely not realistic.  It’s like a Ferris wheel, things get done, like people get off and new things come up, just like new people get one.  Hopefully, you don’t go around too many time before getting off!   

To Do’s Aren’t Alway Priorities

A To Do List will always be there, so how do you make sure that you don’t get stuck on that ferris wheel and are actually making progress in your life?  You have to separate your To Do’s from your priorities.

A priority in...

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