Quiet Leadership

coaching speaking Mar 21, 2018

Meeting Leaders

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear Mpumi Nobiva speak and later talk with her.  If you are not familiar with Mpumi, she is an International Speaker who grew up in South Africa and graduated from the first class of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.  She has an incredible story but I will get to that in a minute.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet Mark Giordano of the Calgary Flames.  As you all know, I’m not Sporty Spice but when I realized he was the Captain (I told you - not Sporty Spice) I asked him about his leadership style.  He told me that his approach was to lead by example.  He said he went out there and did his best and tried to keep a positive attitude.  He didn’t seem to be gregarious “rah rah” type of guy and I realized that his approach was more of a quiet but strong leadership style.

Hearing Leaders

During her speech, Mpumi shared her remarkable story of growing...

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How A Plan Creates Freedom

planning Mar 14, 2018

Those two words (plan & freedom) can seem like opposites, can’t they?  Today I want to share with you how they actually work together.  You guys know I love a plan and a system - it’s literally what I do!  A few weeks ago I posted about the importance of a business plan in Bad Business Advice and then I talked about Exit Plans in What’s Your Exit Plan?

I also like the feeling of freedom.  I use Unplug Meditation and in one of the meditations, the guide/teacher says “I’ll watch the time”!!  I realize that may seem like a pretty simple statement but man, do I love hearing that.  It means I don’t have to think it and instead, I can put my energy into what’s important at that moment.

The Importance of A Plan

I’m going to focus on the idea of a life plan here but you could apply the same ideas to a specific area of your life or your business.  A plan starts with knowing what we are trying to...

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Leaders Learn

you Mar 07, 2018

We Start Learning From Day 1

What I’ve learned about learning (lol) is that it can be done in many different ways.  When we are babies and toddlers we start learning by watching and listening to our parents or siblings.  As we get older we learn to read and then how to ask questions that allow us to learn from others.  

We start by learning at home, then at school.  After we get out of a school environment our learning can become less of priority but if we want to keep improving ourselves and lead others, we have to continue to learn.  

How We Can Learn

Reading books and doing exercises is usually the first thing we think of, now we can add technology into the mix.  We can learn from watching videos on YouTube or a TED Talk.  We can take an online course or listen to a podcast.  Information is boundless and is literally at our fingertips.

Create Time To Learn

We all have busy schedules but adding a little bit of learning into our day is...

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What’s Your Exit Plan?

business Feb 28, 2018

Last but not Least

When it comes to business planning the first thing on our minds usually isn’t an exit plan.  In fact, sometimes that doesn’t even get into the business plan at all.  Having an exit plan is very important.  It may not be the fun part of planning your empire but it’s absolutely necessary.

If you don’t plan for the end you may get caught by surprise and find yourself scrambling.  The end of a business (regardless of the reason) is not a time to be scrambling.  

The Trigger Event

An exit plan is usually triggered by an event.  When you start your business, you may identify what that trigger event is right away.  It could be something like a specific age.  Maybe you want to retire at 65, that would be a trigger event for your exit plan.  Perhaps you want to run the business for 10 years and that’s it, that’s another example of a trigger event.  

The event could also be goal...

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Bad Business Advice

business Feb 21, 2018

Just Because It’s A Movie Line …

It doesn’t mean it’s business advice.  The line I’m thinking of is “If you build it, they will come.”  In the movie, Field Of Dreams, the spirit of that line is that if you build something, it will be used.  This line is sometimes translated into business advice that I don’t think is accurate.

The truth is, if you build it, you will pay for it.  If you build it, promote it, hustle and work your butt off, they might come.  Putting up a sign on a storefront or launching a website doesn’t mean that people will buy what you are selling.  There are many things that go into making a business successful and one thing I know for sure is that having a plan is one of the first steps.  

 So maybe the quote I’ll share is:

If You Make a Plan, You Can Follow It

A business plan includes a lot of important details.  It will outline what product(s) or service(s)...

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Relationships Work When You Allocate Strengths

relationship Feb 14, 2018

The main talk I do is called "Work Life Balance Is Bullshit, Here’s How To Create A Delicious Life".  In the talk I use an analogy (a delicious one) to illustrate that life really isn’t about balance and I share that I believe that phrase has set up to fail.

I believe the same is true when it comes to relationships.  We are often told it’s a 50/50 thing but it’s not.  It’s more about doing our part and helping one another out.  It’s about doing what your good at, not what you suck at.  It’s about allocating your strengths.  

The Relationship Puzzle

You know I love a good analogy so, here we go!  I’m going to use a puzzle as an analogy for relationships and what we bring to the table.  

First, this is based on you choosing who you want to do a puzzle with.  Once you decide you like someone, you think they’re cute and funny and all the rest and you say “I would like to do a puzzle...

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Stay In Your Lane

business Feb 07, 2018

Have you ever been driving and thought, “I should change lanes, they seem to be moving faster over there”?  So you change lanes and start cruising along, then things start to slow down and you realize the guy that was behind you in the other lane just past you!  So annoying, right?!

This doesn’t just happen on the road, it also happens in life.  Sometimes we get caught up looking at what’s happening in other people’s lane’s so we move over thinking we will get what we want in the other lane.  Usually, we come to realize that where we were was right for us.

Why Do We Have The Urge To Change Lanes?

When you are driving, the decision to change lanes is usually based on speed.  The other lane is moving faster, the road looks better or more clear.  In life, the same thing tempts us.  We think that by changing our course things will be better or faster.    

Let’s look at business.  As a business...

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You Never Know Who You Are Influencing

perspective Jan 31, 2018

People Are Paying Attention

We don’t always realize who we are influencing or even that we are doing it.  But who you are, what you say and what you do does make an impact on the lives of others.  Maybe they are watching you in the meeting, at the school or they are looking at your posts on social media. 

With my videos and my posts, I try to put good and useful things out in the world.  I hope my message is helpful or at least makes you laugh.  When I put a post together or video I sometimes wonder “who really pays attention to this”.  I know my Mum and my Grams do (shout out ladies!) but does anyone else?  The answer is yes!

I was reminded of this the other day…

Recently I have received really positive feedback from people about my videos.  They’ve shared that they enjoy watching them and that they appreciate the messages I’ve shared.  I love this for three reasons, one, I’m so grateful to...

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Practical Examples of Owning Your Thoughts

perspective Jan 24, 2018

What’s something you own that you don’t pay for?

Your thoughts!  That’s right, you totally get to own your thoughts and decide what things mean to you.  If a bad thought comes in, you can kick it out.  If a thought comes in and you don’t like how it makes you feel, you change the meaning of it.  I’m not saying this is easy but you can do it.

Maybe you’ve heard this idea before but you didn’t have a real example to use it with.  An idea like this can seem pretty big but when you have an actual situation to connect it to, it makes it more approachable.  I’m going to share two situations that I personally encountered in the last 10 days to help you see how this mindset can work for you.

Fear Of Your Own Future

About 10 days ago, my son, Lochlan broke his leg (tibia) playing hockey.  All said he’s been in pretty good spirits despite the pain and getting used to his cast.  There was a moment...

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2 Elements For Doing Your Best

perspective Jan 17, 2018

You’ve heard the phrase before…

Do your best.  It’s actually my favourite of The Four Agreements in the book (of the same name) written by Don Miguel Ruiz.  What I love about it is that it puts the control and the responsibility back your own hands.  

Things won’t always work out, you won’t always win but if you truly do your best you will know that you did everything you were able to do.  In order to really do your best, there are two key elements that you need to embrace.

1. Acceptance

I mentioned that things won’t always work out and they won’t.  You will fail.  You will lose.  It’s part of life.  If you can accept that you won’t always achieve the outcomes you were aiming for and just focus on doing your best your entire life experience will change because you will shift to an internal measurement of success instead of an external one.

We often get caught up in defining ourselves...

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