Bye For Now

Nov 21, 2018

This is going to be my last post - at least for a while. I’ve been writing a weekly blog post for 4 years now and I’ve enjoyed it.  Although I won’t count it word for word, I estimate that it’s around 71,000 words and roughly 150 posts. Pretty cool when you add it up like that!

So why have I decided to stop?  At this time of year, I really take time to reflect on the past year and start to think about what I want the next year to look like.  Of course, I take a pause a few times a year but this is also year end for our real estate business and business planning season for us so it’s a deeper dive. 

I’ve looked at what’s on my plate and thought about how I’ve been feeling.  I’m getting in that  “overwhelmed” spot again. The great news is that I see it a lot sooner now and even know how to take a breath but I don’t want to keep gaging it and stepping back, I want to find the sweet spot and stay there. 

Addition By Subtraction

A year ago I returned to real estate and it has felt so good!  I originally left because I couldn’t figure out work life balance. When I realized it was my perspective and approach that was the problem I had a huge shift.  I eventually built a system (and an online course) and I was pretty excited to bring that back with me to my real estate career. 

Living the life I (or you) envision is centered around being clear about what you want (and love).  Sometimes, for our lives to add up to what we want, we have to subtract a few things that are in the way. 

In the book Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud, he uses the example of pruning a plant. If you don’t cut off the dead or dying stuff then when you water the plant those parts are taking water from the healthy bits that need the water to really grow. I have a black thumb but even that made sense to me!  

Let me be clear, this is not to say my blog is an ugly dead flower. On the contrary, it’s lovely but there are more lovely areas that I want to nurture.  My family, my community, Airdrie Angel and real estate. 

So What’s Next?

Although I won’t be popping into your inbox every week I’m still here!  Speaking and teaching will always be a part of my life. As my friend Sherry says “I’ve never met a mic I didn’t like!”  I’ll still be doing speaking engagements when the right opportunities present themselves. My online course is still available (for now) but no matter what, if you chose to purchase it ($197) you’ll have it forever because you can download every video and handout. 

My focus for 2019 is going to be real estate. I’ve loved working with my Clients this past year and I want to do way more of that next year.  I’m creating time and space to dedicate to more Clients. 

We are also expanding the Airdrie Angel program, a charity my husband and I started almost 6 years ago.  And of course my family. These kids of mine are growing up fast and I like being apart of it. 

You never know what the future holds and I won’t say no to picking up the blog again. For now, I know that future I am working to build includes more real estate, speaking as opportunities present themselves, an expanded Airdrie Angel program and good old family time. 

So for now, I encourage you to define what success is for you and to work to build the life you envision for yourself. 

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