The Sweetness of Uniqueness

Nov 07, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I posted a quote that read “Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”.  My friend, Nikki commented that I should expand on that in one of my episodes.  The reason I selected that quote was that it encourages your uniqueness.  “A beautiful cupcake” is a very subjective thing.  Some like a lot of icing, while others don’t.  You may appreciate a fondant decoration while others might pick it off.  And of course, there is the icing debate: buttercream vs. cream cheese!  I personally fall on the cream cheese side of this one, in case you’re thinking of making me a batch!

How you like your cupcake is very personal and so is what makes you unique.  

The only difference between a cupcake and a muffin is the icing.

Our uniqueness is our icing.  It may be the style in which it’s piped on.  It may be a classic icing with a gorgeous decoration on the top or maybe it’s sprinkles and sparkles on top!  

Your uniqueness isn’t something to labour over, it’s already there.  What are you good at?  What do you like? If you get annoyed by finding sparkles all over the place, you might not be a sparkle gal.  That’s ok.  Your uniqueness is there, you just have to let it shine.  It might be your ability to connect with others, or the way you see beauty in things others can’t.  It could be your kind heart, or your ability to always give what is needed.  

Uniqueness is about standing tall not standing out!

You don’t need to have a secret weapon or a special talent just by being human you are genetically unique!  So don’t fret over figuring out what “thing” makes you unique, just be you!  Your uniqueness will come through.  And P.S. - it’s cultivated over time.  You don’t identify it once and run with it, you uncover it over time as you experience life.

Being unique is about standing as your best self and being proud, it’s not necessarily about being loud.  Sometimes the most beautiful cupcake is the understated one.  No matter what cupcakes are on the plate I will always go for the one that looks proud to be there.  The one the stands tall and wants me to enjoy its delicious flavours.  People are attracted to honesty and being your unique self is the most honest thing you can do.

Remember not everyone likes red velvet and that’s ok.  Someone out there loves it and that person probably doesn’t like fruit on their cupcake!  There is something for everyone and you are exactly right for some people.  Focus on being a beautiful cupcake for them.

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