My Signature Talk, “Work Life Balance Is Bull$hit, Here’s How To Create A Delicious Life” was born out of a need to see my own life differently.  I felt busy and overwhelmed and I was tired of it.  I wanted to feel purposeful in what I was doing.  

In my talk, I bust the myth of work life balance and use a delicious analogy to give the audience a new perspective on life and managing their busy schedules.  I challenge them to define what success is for themselves and explain why this is so important.  I also share strategies and ideas so that they can take action immediately.

As a Speaker, I love working with the Meeting Organizer or Event Planner to make sure the talk is aligned with what their goals are for the event and the overall message they would like to have shared with their attendees.

Other topics I speak on are:

  • Finding Your Unique Ability
  • How To Run A Business In Fabulous Heels
  • Why You Need To Fire Your Ego From Your Business

I'm also happy to customize a talk based on previous blog posts.

Email me to set up a time to chat more: [email protected]

 “Michelle presents with passion, enthusiasm and a genuine desire for her audience to take home nuggets that will help them live their life more fully.

 ~ SMARTstart Organizing Committee, March 2017

The staff really enjoyed the talk - it was well-paced and your cookie analogy really resonated.   Today we were supposed to do a movie day but they wanted to debrief and so instead we brought in fresh baked cookies and talked about what they learned and some strategies we can use here in the clinic to help them manage "the ingredients.” 

 ~ Shauna Wilkenson, Executive Director, Crowfoot Village Family Practice


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