Create The Life You Envision Workshop

I enjoy working with company and community leaders who want to help their team members elevate themselves.  We all want to be and do our best but it’s hard to do that when are overwhelmed with trying to create “work life balance”.  Many of us struggle with “getting it all in” and this workshop can help your team members reset and refocus bringing new energy into their lives and their work.  

The workshop starts with my talk ”Work Life Balance Is Bull$hit, Here’s How To Create A Delicious Life”.  From there we will clear the clutter (mentally & physically) so we have a clean slate.  We will take time to define what success is in each area of life and build a personalized system that will allow your team members to focus on getting the right things done.  

The workshop is 4 hours in length (including 15 minute break).

Email me so we can chat more about a workshop for your team or networking group.


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